HackSpace magazine issue 71 out now!

The inside story of Raspberry Pi 5: faster, better, more power-switchy. How $25 million dollars, 8 years of development and one very highly engineered on/off button combined to make the most Raspbe…

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Issue 70

Artificial intelligence is going to be everywhere soon, and if you can control it, you’re ahead of the game. This issue we’re looking at the amazing world of AI: how to create with it, how to spot…

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Issue 69

Make the great outdoors even greater, with DIY a selection of electronics projects to put the geekery back into summer.

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Issue 68

DIY smart camera Combine the power and versatility of a Raspberry Pi single-board computer with an off-the-shelf camera module and you can do great things. We’ll show you how to automatically take…

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Issue 67

There’s a new 3D printer in town – the Prusa MK4. Join us as we go deep into what this new device can do, what makes it stand out from the crowd, and whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash. Free…

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Issue 66

Got a 3D printer? Get learning mechanical engineering! Use cams, levers, gears and more to make unique moving machines, all designed for free and printed for the cost of a few grams of filament. It…

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Issue 65

With enough inspiration, the world is your playground – that’s why this issue we’re bringing you 16 of the best DIY toys and games to keep boredom at bay.

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Issue 64

Bodging electrical components together on a breadboard is all very well, but when it comes to making a circuit permanent, you have to learn to solder. We’ve rounded up the best wizarding wands to…

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Issue 63

Flying machines: humans have always dreamed about flight, but with our puny arms and lack of feathers it’s something we’ve struggled with. No more! Join us as we explore the best, cleverest and mos…

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Issue 62

It’s not yet Christmas, but we come bearing glad tidings: the supply of Raspberry Pis available to hobbyists is starting to come back to normal. To celebrate, we’re exploring 20 of the best hardwar…

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Issue 61

With a little bit of coding, you can breathe life into anything. Discover the building blocks of programming that will take your creations to the next level – whether that’s motors, servos, sensors…

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Issue 60

HackSpace issue 60 The Internet of Things is playground for makers. From practical projects such as pet feeders and automatic blind, to silly things like a texting pot plant, there are as many ways…

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Issue 59

You might think that the next big leap in 3D printing would come in the form of a pristine white box from a high-end manufacturing facility. You’d be wrong. The hot new thing in 3D printing is an o…

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