Wearable Tech Projects

By Ben Everard. Posted

We've gathered up the best bits of wearable technology from HackSpace magazine and packed it into a 164 page book brimming with fashion, cosplay, jewellery and more. You'll learn to sew, wire and program your clothes to make them light up, play music and even control games.

Grab your copy now! Head to the store to buy a print copy, or download for free.

What is wearable tech? Well, it's any technology embedded into things you wear! We've got a hat with lights that helps you stay safe in the dark, a glove that plays music as you touch fingers together, a helmet with sci-fi lighting, chic laser cut jewellery, a t-shirt that's algorithmically embroidered and much more.

Build this cosplay helmet!


From HackSpace magazine store


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