Wand-erful Wooden Pens

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

“Why choose between a pen and a wand as your weapon of choice, when you can have both?” says engineering student Connie Yu.

Working from Lower 48, a non-profit woodshop in California, Connie transforms pen blanks into magical looking wands.

Connie drills a hole in the pen blank to create room for the pen barrel and uses a lathe to turn the wood into the desired shape.

Drilling the pen blank

Turning the wood on a lathe

Finishing with oil and wax

Connie chooses to polish the wand with oil and wax “since I like to preserve the original, natural feel of the wood.”

To add some colour, Connie then uses a texturing tool to make crevices in the wood and rubs a paste of gold powder and soft wax into the cracks.

Adding colour

Instructions to make your own pen wands are available here.


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