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Walnut laptop

By Ben Everard. Posted

Reddit user mw33121 made this beautiful laptop, based on a Raspberry Pi 4B. The case is 5 mm and 10 mm walnut (the darker wood you can see is Indian rosewood; the lighter wood is maple), and it was built with hand tools and a cordless drill.

In the maker’s own words: “Inside there’s the LCD panel and driver board, a tiny amp, and tiny speakers, a camera and microphone, a 30 k mAh laptop power bank, the foldable keyboard/trackpad, with a Raspberry Pi 4B running it all. The USB port charges the power bank and there are controls for the overall power, the monitor control board, and the amp volume on the sides. There’s a small slot to change the SD card at one end and a tiny acrylic window underneath to read the power bank LCD charge percentage.”

Apparently, you can get six hours of battery life out of this $250 build – enough to watch many, many glorious woodworking videos.


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