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Walking T-Rex

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

Greg Zumwalt is a prolific 3D designer, having published over 100 Instructables. A new addition to the collection is a miniature dinosaur which swings it's body from side to side as it walks along.

Inspired by the 'pin walker' designs of RobotHut and rick100, Greg set about modeling the dinosaur in Autodesk Fusion 360. The articulated body is printed in one go with an extra 22 parts to make the moving mechanisms.

Designing in Fusion 360

"This is a high precision print", says Greg. It uses "very small precision 3D printed parts in very tight spaces", but after triming and sanding any rough edges, the moving parts can glide smoothly.

Assembling the mechanisms to make it move

Instructions to make the dinosaur are available here.

Greg's earlier design for a 3D Printed Spring Motor was featured as one of our Top Projects in Issue 18.


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