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Trashformation hammock

By Rosemary Hattersley. Posted

Virgin cardboard is used in all sorts of structural art installations and architectural designs, but there’s mileage in reusing what you’ve got.
As you’ll see from this YouTube video devoted to the ideas presented by attendees at TransfoLAB BCN’s so-called Trashboarding Festival, thicker cardboard tubes make for excellent load-bearing makes.

A rippling wave of tubes bound side by side along their lengths is used to create a flexible structure that can be used as an impromptu wall or, as the makers in this instance have done, strung up to form a hammock or suspended chair.

The tubes used in this project are the sort that you might come by if you have something fragile delivered, if you buy lino or fabric by the roll, or order printed artworks. The tubes are secured with alternating thick woven strips of fabric, with ropes to hold up the finished furniture hammered into the tubes at each end.

Information about some of the other makes reported by Fair Companies can be found here.

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