TechNIK’s Cyberdeck

By Ben Everard. Posted

We love seeing Raspberry Pis built into fresh new packages. Nik Reitmann’s cyberdeck follows a solid, sturdy design that reminds us of the beige box that used to get wheeled into the classroom for our regular one hour of early 1990s computing.

It’s based on a Raspberry Pi 4, and the design features a trackball rather than a trackpad, to save space; it can run DOOM; it can access the internet over Wi-Fi; and the creator has broken out eight of the Raspberry Pi 4’s GPIO pins for easy breadboard tinkering.


This build really shines in its execution; all the screws used in construction are internal, giving it the clean lines of an injection-moulded product, and there’s even an extra usability feature in the shape of a scroll-wheel connected to a rotary encoder, for quickly moving up and down text documents.

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