Teasmade 2.0

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Robot servants are still a long way off – sadly, all the R&D money is going into Boston Dynamics’ creepy parkour bots. We do, however, have a robot that will make you a cup of coffee when you awake, thanks to Malcolm Splendiff. This build is based on a Goblin Teasmade, a contraption from the 1970s that combined an alarm clock with a kettle. With a relay to bypass the alarm, a Raspberry Pi and a Python script, as well as a device called a Clever Dripper that combines water with coffee, Malcolm’s made a smart IoT device that polls a Google Calendar once a minute for a configurable trigger word. When it detects the word, it waits until there’s an eight-minute window in your schedule (that’s how long the process takes) to make you a pot of coffee.

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