Star Wars Speeder Bike

By Ben Everard. Posted

YouTuber and inventor extraordinaire James Bruton has been building a bike based on a hoverboard. That’s all you need to know really – go to the video right now and check it out. He’s taken the electronics from the hoverboard, added a huge number of 3D-printed parts, a stem and handlebar from a bike, an Arduino Uno, some bearings and potentiometers, and has created a mode of transport that doesn’t work – yet!

Star Wars Speeder Bike

It’s fascinating to watch the journey of experimentation that James is on, as he modifies one thing after the next to get a working prototype. The hoverboard motors, for example, at first struggled with the extra weight of all that plastic, so James just put higher-voltage batteries in. Trial and error has seldom been more entertaining.

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