Stained glass succulent

By Ben Everard. Posted

Stained glass work might sound like an exotic form of making, but when you get down to it, it’s really just fancy soldering. Once you’ve formed the glass into appropriately shaped pieces, you pop some copper tape on the edges, then solder them together. Yes, we’re glossing over the details a bit here, but the basic technique isn’t too complex.

Jason’s been experimenting with stained glass and noticed that plant designs are common at the moment. However, he couldn’t find a suitable downloadable design to start with, so he decided to create one and share it on the Instructables website.


The design is based on a succulent – a type of plant that grows in arid regions and its drought tolerance makes it popular with people who forget to water their plants. The succulent’s leaves sit in concentric rings, getting gradually smaller. To assemble it, you just have to start with the largest (bottom) ring of leaves and work upwards. The final result is a stunning plant that shimmers and shines in the light.

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