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Spider Web Maze

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

Alan Perkins from Ohio has created an impressive spider web maze as part of his town’s Halloween celebrations.

“Years ago, I made a simple version of spider web walls on some scaffold as part of a small haunted walk-through. I had always wanted to try it full scale and here was my opportunity”, says Alan. “The goal was to create a maze you could see through, couldn't get lost in, and the parents didn't have to enter to watch their kids complete it.”

At last year’s event, over 700 people entered the maze in the pouring rain. It cost $1800 to make and was funded with help from the city of Olmsted Falls.

“It will be making a return this year with a 20 foot custom sign in the front to invite people into the Spiderweb Labyrinth”. If you’re in the area, the Olmsted’s Fall-O-Ween event is on 27th October.

Instructions to make your own maze are available here.


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