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Space of the Month: Radiona

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Radiona.org is a Zagreb-based makerspace founded in 2011 in order to enhance the visibility of open-source culture, with the aim of connecting STEAM fields (Science/Technology/Engineering/ Art/Mathematics).

The lab focuses its activities on workshops, exhibitions, research projects, hardware production, projects with artists and designers, maker-inresidence programmes, international collaborations, maker/hacker camps and hackathons, social innovation projects, festivals, and many more.

Its community is in the centre, as a main driving force for all activities that include production of new kits and technology solutions, artefacts for exhibitions and museums, education programmes with a crosssection
of cutting-edge, open-source hardware and software lecturers, and a combination of high-tech and low-tech approaches to the maker/hacker culture.

Radiona has organised more than 180 international and domestic workshops, 26 international exhibitions, nine hackathons, two international festivals, numerous performances and lectures, and many
more events.

There are diverse sections and accompanying tools and machines for everyone interested in making things: microcontrollers and hands-on electronics, robotics and hacking, programming, biohacking, audio editing, restoration of vintage electronic organs and modular A/V synthesizers, FPGA, 3D printing, CNC, 3D scanning, e-textiles, interaction design, design thinking and gamification, IoT and smart city technology – LoRaWan, programming, flying objects, etc.

The lab is fostering innovative approaches based on hands-on practice and lifelong learning on sustainable foundations, inclusion, and participative practice driven by access to all philosophy.

Radiona is taking part in several international projects with science centres and museums to foster the use of technological solutions with creativity, successfully creating solutions for exhibitions, or hackathons like Museomix.

The production of artworks and designing exhibitions are one of the strongest frames of the lab, with three to four yearly international exhibitions in galleries and museums across Croatia.

Among many projects developed through the years, recently the lab has gained a lot of international recognition with the ULX3S powerful ECP5 board for open-source FPGA development, and has covered a big part of Zagreb with LoRaWAN using Raspberry Pi inside the gateways. One of the lab members also made an hgTerm Raspberry Pi mini-computer that gained a lot of interest on Hackaday, an online platform where Radiona members regularly take part in competitions.

The education programme of the lab is one of the most recognised areas of the lab, with an impressive list of guest appearances from international media artists, makers, and hackers. If you are planning to visit Zagreb, be sure to check Radiona and its community of makers, or follow all activities via social networks: Twitter – twitter.com/RadionaOrg, Facebook – facebook.com/Radiona.org, GitHub – github.com/RadionaOrg, or radiona.org.

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