Having just made the plunge and bought our first mechanical keyboard, we’re amazed by the scope and variety of what are essentially identical objects. To our previously unenlightened minds, a keyboard was a keyboard was a keyboard. The idea that people would obsess over layout, or switches, or back-lighting, or programmability was a little bit weird. Why bother?

But that was then: this is now. Using a mechanical keyboard makes writing more fun. In the same way Jude Pullen talks about loving a drill in our interview on page 36, we’ve come to love our keyboard. It brought us some joy to discover the work of Joe Scotto who, under the nom-de-making ScottoKeebs, is making some gorgeous mechanical keyboards.

This latest, the ScottoWing, is a fully customisable ortholinear keyboard (that means that keys aren’t staggered, but arranged directly above one another). Scott’s made the design files available, so anyone with access to a decently equipped maker space should be able to make their own – and check out that beautiful hand wiring on the back.

That’s an RP2040 Zero on the back making sense of the key switches


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