By Marc de Vinck. Posted

The more LEDs the better! And the LumosRing ($65), designed by Bradán Lane STUDIO, certainly lives up to that expectation. Featuring over 250 RGB LEDs, this beautifully designed black PCB makes for a great clock, visualizer, or you can even use it to play games. And fortunately, you don’t have to solder all those LEDs, as the LumosRing comes fully assembled.

The 240 LEDs on the outer rings lend themselves to making a perfect analogue clock. Coupled with the 70 LEDs configured in two 5×7 blocks in the centre, you can add extra functionality like a temperature display, or even a scrolling message or stylised icons. The board also features an included ESP23-S2 running CircuitPython. You can add arcade buttons for extra functionality, and a diffused faceplate to smooth out all those LEDs. Check out the product page for a video demo of all those beautiful addressable RGB LEDs!



Hundreds of LEDs, on a beautiful PCB.

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