Rǒta counting device

By Ben Everard. Posted

This thing is unbelievably beautiful. What does it do? The best answer is that we don’t care; truth is beauty, beauty truth, nothing else matters. But if you must insist on more information, it’s a device for counting. The maker built the first one as a gift for a duck hunting lodge, but since then, he’s had interest from many more people, and has improved the design up to the current iteration, version 3.

The device uses a few esoteric parts: at its heart is an AVR64DD28 microcontroller; it also uses three IN-12B Nixie tubes, an NCH8200HV Nixie power supply, and an Automatic Electric Type 24 rotary dial. There are a range of kits with varying amounts of components included, and they’re selling like hot cakes.

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 10.24.16


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