Get your Raspberry Pi 5 first

By Ben Everard. Posted

Raspberry Pi 5 – the latest version of the famous single-board computer – has been unveiled and will go on sale in October. While the factory in South Wales is producing these little machines at a phenomenal rate, we expect demand to out-strip supply and shops to sell out quickly.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to secure stock for subscribers. All existing and new HackSpace magazine subscribers will be able to purchase a Raspberry Pi 5 even if other stores have sold out. If you want to guarantee your computer, you can subscribe today at

This will give you a chance to buy a Raspberry Pi 5 (either 4 or 8 Gb) at full retail price from The Pi Shop (for subscribers in USA or Canada) or The Pi Hut (for subscribers elsewhere). You can pre-order your Raspberry Pi 5 from today and it will ship at launch.

You’ll also get a Raspberry Pi Pico W sent out absolutely free of charge, and every issue of HackSpace magazine will be delivered to your door so you’ll never be short of ideas for what to do with your new hardware.

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