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NeoKey 5 x 6 review

By Marc de Vinck. Posted

You know you want to add some high-quality, clickety-clack buttons, or silent ones, to your next project or computer. But you don’t know exactly how many, or what configuration. And that’s where the NeoKey 5 × 6 ($29.95) from Adafruit jumps right in.

Sold as a single 5×6 PCB, you can easily snap in your MX-compatible switches and have a beautiful 30-key keyboard. But the genius of this PCB is the ability to snap each key apart. You can have one single key, a strip of six, a 2×2 grid, or really any combo of 30 keys. It’s perfect for your custom configuration. And each one has an RGB LED too! It’s a great solution for the DIYer who needs something custom.

Verdict: 9/10

Use as is, or break it apart!

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