Multi-antenna KrakenSDR review

By Marc de Vinck. Posted

"Release the KrakenSDR" is an appropriate slogan from the makers of the KrakenSDR phase-coherent SDR with five coherent-capable RTL-SDs. Yes, five!
Couple all those channels with the common clock source, and you can build some interesting technology into your next project. You can track unknown transmitters, locate emergency beacons, passive radar detection, try beamforming, and a lot more.

The Kraken is another SDR that runs on a Raspberry Pi, making it a great choice for many hobbyists since it’s such a familiar platform. They have also developed a nice ecosystem around the board, including an easy-to-use web interface, and a custom Android app. The makers have also sourced the parts for a first batch of 1000 units, and they are available at the time of this review.



A great multi-antenna SDR.



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