iotSDR dev board review

By Marc de Vinck. Posted

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few years, there is a need for new ways to develop, test, and deploy high-complexity wireless frameworks. The iotSDR platform allows SDR developers and enthusiasts to design innovative algorithms in multiband and multimode environments of all the current IoT standards. LoRa, Sigfox, Weightless-P, NB-IoT, Zigbee, and of course, Bluetooth are all compatible. And if none of those ecosystems work for you, the iotSDR can be used to develop your own custom modulation.

It works as a development environment, or as a deployable gateway, and looks to be extremely expandable and versatile. You can use a variety of popular open-source software packages in conjunction with the iotSDR, like Xilinx PYNQ Python, Jupyter Notebook, GNU Radio, and more.



FPGA and a GNSS chip for combined power.



Know the law!

We are not lawyers! In general, simply receiving radio frequencies is OK, as long as you don’t decode any encrypted information, or use it for committing a crime. But, transmitting without a proper licence is not typically OK. Before you delve into any SDR hardware, make sure you do it legally.

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