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Fibonacci Spiral Clock

By Andrew Gregory. Posted

Some of the builds we see are fiendishly complicated, full of moving parts, CAD, and advanced techniques that we promise ourselves we’re going to learn about one day. Some builds, in contrast, are so beautifully, brilliantly simple that we know we could replicate them right away, but there’s no point, as the original is perfect. This clock, inspired by the Fibonacci series of numbers, is one such example of simple perfection.

Bushra’s creation uses the guts of a standard wall clock, which he’s mounted to a single piece of stainless steel, bent so it’ll stand up. He’s kept the minute hand, but the hour hand has been replaced by a spiral modelled after the Fibonacci curve, which tells the time as it turns by overlapping markers placed on the steel.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 13.54.42

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