Eli's WeatherClock

By Ben Everard. Posted

We had a great time this issue speaking with Matthew Read who, among other things, conserves old clocks. One of the things we took away from that Meet The Maker (turn to page 20 to read the whole thing) is that, if you love old objects and want to get an understanding of how they’re made, the best thing you can do is build a new thing. Take a Raspberry Pi, take some gears, and make something no one’s seen before.

This clock, by The Digital Vagrant, is a perfect example of this philosophy: it’s a new version of a weather clock, something that we’ve seen loads of recently. Rather than the twelve numerals around the outside of the clock, the maker has used weather icons corresponding to that time’s conditions. Touch the weather icon for a detailed breakdown for that time, then touch the screen again to return to the clock display.


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