Dual-axis solar tracker

By Ben Everard. Posted

In the northern hemisphere, spring is on its way. The days are getting longer, and warmth bathes the land. It’s the perfect time to dabble in solar power! Tim Ritson, like everybody in New Zealand, is exactly six months ahead of us, and he’s already had the chance to develop this dual-axis solar tracker, which rotates and pivots a solar panel to maximise the amount of light it collects during the day.


Tim used extruded aluminium for the frame of the tracker, as it’s soft enough to cut and drill (slightly too soft, as steel bolts will strip aluminium threads very easily if you’re not careful) while offering you plenty of strength without too much weight. Tim used parts from his local hardware shop, electronics store, and AliExpress. The whole thing is mounted on a lazy Susan and controlled by an Arduino Uno and two stepper motors with reducing gearboxes.


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