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Cyberpunk watch

By Ben Everard. Posted

Cyberpunk 2077 had a mixed reception when it was released to an eager gaming public in late 2020. One thing that united opinion though was the game’s incredible aesthetics. In the best traditions of Blade Runner, Alien, and Red Dwarf, the world it portrayed was simultaneously futuristic and run-down, grubby and seedy, and neon-lit. And that’s why fans loved it.

One such fan is Bennett Warner, who made this watch crafted in the style of the game’s Arasaka Corporation. We love it because it looks so original: who would have thought that by arranging the digits in a square, rather than a line, you’d end up with something that looks so unfamiliar?

If you don’t have Bennett’s skills with PCB design, you can buy one of these premade from the Tindie store


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