Circular 'loopie lamp'

By Ben Everard. Posted

The most frustrating thing in woodworking is things that are supposed to be square but aren’t square. Give us a nice right angle any day.
Our mass-produced world likes order, tessellation, and right angles. For ease of design, construction, and transportation, right angles make sense. So why has the maker of this WS2812B RGB LED-powered lamp chosen the way of the loop for this design?

The light transitions are powered by a Digispark ATtiny85-based board

Refreshingly, the answer is that it’s better for the user. Rounded shapes are more common in nature, and so the theory is that they’re easier on the eye and the brain. The circle also represents eternity, as it has no beginning and no end. Either way, this is an impressive build, achieved with simple tools, simple electronics, and a few bits of MDF.

From HackSpace magazine store


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