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3D Printing Soap Trays

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

Issue 18 of Hackspace Magazine has a tutorial for making your own soap and soap moulds. When you've made your perfect bars of soap you may want an unusual soap dish to put them on.

Thingiverse has some interesting designs to 3D print. Here's our top four:

1.Coral Soap Dish by RubyFOX

This design looks striking in two colours.

Coral Soap Dish (CC BY-SA 3.0)

2.Flower Soap Dish by mareksbrt

We love the embossed design on the side of the tray and the little shute that lets excess water escape into the sink.

Flower Soap Dish (CC BY 3.0)

3.Flower of Life Soap Dish by v_v

Similar to the one above, with a novel use of the iconic interlocking circles design

Flower of Life Soap Dish (CC BY 3.0)

4.Travel Soap Box by egoitz89

A handy case for travelling

Soap Box (CC BY 3.0)


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