3D printed turntable

By Ben Everard. Posted

The world of high-end audio is baffling. There are a million expensive options, with a million ways of expensively buying the wrong thing. There’s some absolute rubbish on the market – we shudder at the thought of a cheap steel stylus, rather than a diamond one, going anywhere near our original 12-inch copy of Blue Monday – and, at the other end, you can pay an arm and a leg to get the absolute best out of your pristine recording of John Cage’s 4’33”.

Because audio geeks love to experiment, upgrade, and tinker with things, we’re surprised we haven’t seen a 3D-printed turntable like this before. Designed by FilatoneInstruments, this turntable kit includes a lightweight carbon fibre tone-arm; built-in spirit levels, and stroboscope to ensure perfect levelling; brass bushings; a two-speed motor; and an Audio Technica AT3600L Cartridge (that’s the bit that converts vibrations into electrical signals). Buy the kit from the Etsy store, and download the STL files.


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