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3D Printed Hinges

By Poppy Mosbacher. Posted

Instead of heading to the hardware store to buy a hinge, it’s easy to 3D print your own.

Maker’s Muse demonstrates how to design 6 different types including snap together, print-in-place and living hinges in the video below. And there’s some useful tips on deciding tolerances.

Alternatively, a quick Thingiverse search comes up with many designs ready to download. Rohin Gosling’s parametric hinge is customisable using OpenSCAD. It’s proving very popular - there’s been nearly 1000 remixes based on Rohin’s original model.

Customisable Hinges by Rohin Gosling (CC BY 3.0)

Another customisable design is Walter Hsiao’s cute magnetic box, which pops together when you close the lid.

Magnetic Box by Walter Hsiao (CC BY-SA 3.0)


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